Celebrating African research excellence in a big year for Global Health and Africa-EU relations.


Even before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, 2020 was going to be a big year for global health and for EU-Africa relations.

Heads of state and governments from Africa and the European Union are set to meet in the second half of the year to strike a deal on a partnership between our respective continents – determining the priorities both financially and politically between Africa and the EU for the next decade.

Health has to be a crucial pillar in this future relationshipand research and innovation its main driver.

Africa a hotbed of research excellence

This was the case before Covid-19, but what the pandemic has done is hammer home the vital need for both funding and collaboration into health funding, and in particular health research and innovation. The traditional view is that Africa is the place where pandemics are to be tackled, with medical interventions dreamed up in research labs in Europe.

But in reality, sub-Saharan Africa is a hotbed of research excellence in the field of global health – and in this crucial year we want to forefront voices from this research community.

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And that’s what this podcast – “African Research Excellence – DSW in conversation” aims to do, as each week we will interview outstanding African researchers and advocates in the field of global health research, to learn more about their work and their views on the needs and opportunities to advance GH R&I in Africa.

So join our colleagues in Brussels – Eoghan Walsh and Agustin Martin – each week throughout the summer for a new episode and an interview with a leading African global health researcher.

You can find out more about DSW and the podcast at our website, dsw.org, subscribe on your preferred podcast player, and keep an eye on our Twitter account for the first episode coming soon!